Samsung Galaxy S7 Teardown/disassembly

After Xiaomi Mi 5, now you can see the internal components of Samsung’s latest flagship device Galaxy S7. This tear down of Galaxy S7 is performed by popular smartphone disassembler at iFixit, the iFixit specializes in disassembling the devices by showing step by step process. The iFixit team said, they find it’s predecessor Galaxy S6 glass dis-assembly harder now what so interesting is to see whether Galaxy S7 is as much harder to repair as Galaxy S6 or Samsung has improved its design.

Unfortunately we do not have images of complete steps but infact if you are interested to see the internal components including motherboard display etc then we have the fully disassembled device waiting for you. The dis-assembly process started with the heating, the iFixit member applied heat to the back cover in order to remove it, then they remove the antenna screws along wireless charging system and speaker.

When it comes to battery, the Galaxy S7 battery is also glued which mean you can’t apply much head or force to peel it off. Then the motherboard is removed but before it you have to remove the front facing camera because strips are connected to motherboard. As mentioned above the glued Display and digitizer is not so easy to remove and finally iFixit gives Galaxy S7 a repairability score 3 out of 10 that is not so impressive. The Purpose of Galaxy S7 teardown is to show its repair-ability and a process to disassembled your device.

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