Latest leak image of Galaxy S7 Edge, real life picture

We have just got our hands on another latest leaked image of Samsung Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 has already shown in multiple leaked images but this one seems to be the real black device, this is not the render but the original image of Samsung latest flagship Galaxy S7 Edge. It resembles pretty much it’s predecessor but the real black color and the specs described earlier make it wonderful device.





Samsung is going to release it’s latest upcoming device Galaxy S7 at MWC in Barcelona on Feb 21st. The new series of Galaxy devices is always a great charm for MWC as before that hundreds of rumors use to pop out bringing different prototypes along specifications and other stuff. Well this time just like its previous release the Galaxy S7 is not alone but Samsung has decided to carry on along with the Edge series, previously we have seen Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge carrying the same specs but some fancy looks.

The Edge tradition of Samsung is gonna be interested in the case of latest Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Some rumors about SD card slot is an addition in the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge which was being missed by Loyal Samsung users in the previous Flagships. Earlier a popular leak source @evleaks has shared the back and front of latest devices Galaxy S7 if you can’t wait to see the latest devices then just scroll down.



The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge both has rounded curved edges on back along Samsung and Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge written on the back. The Galaxy S7 Edge is bigger in size, Galaxy S7 contain 5.1 inches display where as Galaxy S7 Edge with 5.5 inches. The Front side is almost same as previous flagships Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. The Galaxy S7 Edge Modes are also displayed on Official Samsung Website.


Stay tune for more on this latest upcoming Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge as we are regular in bringing updates regarding to all the flag ship devices along many other from all the major manufacturers. Also do let us know what you think of this latest development from Samsung or what it should be from a consumer point of view.

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