Install Latest VS98712A firmware on Verizon LG G5 VS987 with improvements and security

Soon after the release of LG’s latest flagship device LG G5, Verizon Started rolling out it’s first firmware update for Verizon LG G5 model VS987. The update carries build number VS98712A and contains multiple improvements with latest security patches, enhancements for Airplane Mode, Voice Mail and reporting Microsoft Exchange Active Server data usage

The update is live via OTA and you will be receiving the update notification anytime soon, but if you are getting impatient for the VS98712A update for Verizon LG G5 VS987 then do a simple single step task to manually check for the OTA. Stay update with us, we will grab the VS98712A firmware file for you and will show you the complete process to install the VS98712A update on your Verizon LG G5 VS987 manually.

How to install latest VS98712A firmware on Verizon LG G5 VS987

To update Verizon LG G5 VS987 on official Android Marshmallow you don’t need to download multiple file for it, just you need your device and the working internet connection. You must also remember that OTA process works only on Stock devices which means your device is no longer rooted while you searching for latest firmware via OTA. If you think your device is rooted then don’t waste your time switch to alternative firmware update processes or if possible un-root it and then give it a try. But we don’t recommend you to get stuck in such a long un-rooting process just manually if the download link is available. If you think you are all set to go, then

Go to device Settings >> tap on About device >> Software updates.

Now tap it to check the latest available firmware. Upon it’s availability you will be prompted about the update, now what just tap “Download Now” to instantly download the firmware or “Download later” if you wish to download later. Some times it depends on the region too for example, if the update is released for a specific region but you are not present there it will take some delay until firmware update reaches that region

That’s it! If you have successfully updated your Verizon LG G5 VS987 to VS98712A official firmware please let us know. Or if you have any query you are free to ask, please give us +1 or Like to say thanks.

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