Install HTC Official Apps in any Android Phone

HTC is world’s most popular company among handsets. HTC always brings brilliance in their design. They not only design high class handsets but their native apps are unique and best.

If you ever wanted to try or install the apps in non-HTC phones you will notice that their apps don’t come under Play Store search results. This is because they have binded the search with the detection of HTC’s own framework in which if its non-HTC phone, the search result will always return in “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.” error.

Their top and demanded native apps are:

  1. HTC Calendar & Widget
  2. HTC Camera
  3. HTC Clock
  4. HTC File Manager
  5. HTC Gallery
  6. HTC Weather & Widget

But what if we have a solution or a workaround to use their apps in non-HTC variant phones? Yes, there is a way you can use any HTC native app. For using their apps, your Android OS version should be at least “Marshmallow 6.0”.

How to:

The next procedures will guide you that how you can install HTC apps to your Android (Non-HTC) phones. For smooth experience, you need to install “HTC Service Pack” app first before trying out any app. This service pack framework make sure to run all apps without any issue. Some users have reported that all apps are running absolutely fine without this app but it’s better to install before proceeding.

After installing the “HTC Service Pack”, go to your phone’s SETTINGS, then to APPS, then find HTC SERVICE PACK app and open its PERMISSION menu. Allow all permissions to this app.


  2. HTC Calendar
  3. HTC Calendar Widget
  4. HTC Camera
  5. HTC Clock
  6. HTC File Manager
  7. HTC Gallery
  8. HTC Weather
  9. HTC Weather Widget

If you face any issue or you have any question or any sort of confusion, please contact us through comment. We love to hear from you. All the Apps are property of HTC.

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