Install Galaxy S7 Edge ported Camera on other Android devices

In this guide you would be able to download and install Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera app ported from the stock firmware on other TouchWiz devices. Galaxy S7 Edge is well known for it’s impressive camera features with multiple options, if you have any Samsung device with TouchWiz interface and you want to access the Galaxy S7 camera features then you are at the right place. Credit goes to the developers for making the Galaxy S7 Edge camera available for other Galaxy devices, this is not the first time we are posting the Galaxy S7 ported stuff but you can also visit the below mentioned listing to install the Galaxy S7 apps even ROM on your Android phone.

We have provided the link to XDA page you can further check the features and function of the Galaxy S7 Edge camera and you can follow the below short tutorial to install Galaxy S7 Edge ported camera on your Android device.

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How to install Galaxy S7 Edge ported Camera on Android devices

Download Galaxy S7 ported Camera for Android devices: Download Here

Once you successfully downloaded the S7 ported camera on PC, Now connect your device to PC and move the downloaded file on the internal storage of your device. [If you downloaded it via phone then skip this step]

Its time to reboot your device into recovery Mode, to do so you can search for it or use hardware buttons combination. (If your device is rooted then its super easy, just visit Google Play and download any third party reboot app for this purpose)

Once your device successfully boots into recovery mode, select the downloaded Galaxy S7 camera zip file and confirm it by swiping the slider for (TWRP) or yes for (CWM).

Wait for the process to complete.

Once successfully done with the installation procedure simply reboot your device.

That’s it! Congratulation you have successfully installed Galaxy S7 edge ported camera on your Android device. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Google+.

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