Gmail’s Synchronization Bug – Android Users

It’s been a long time since Nexus users and some other users as well are facing a weird issue in which they won’t get synced email via Gmail App of Android. The issue itself had been raised at Nexus Help Forums many times and Google promised to fix it but unfortunately the issue still persists. Many reported that they only get the new emails by swiping down in the app to get it to sync which turns in to a hassle.

Users reported a very long delay in getting notifications of new email or sometimes they don’t. The major affected users are Nexus owners having Marshmallow or Nougat OS and some got Lollipop in which we theoretically believe its because of Dose mode but some people blamed the app itself.

If you are one of the affected users then you are at right place. We have been trying to find the solution to fix the issue so we have gathered some tips and temporary fixes for you as follows:

1. Check Gmail App Settings:

Check app settings if the syncing option is disabled accidentally. Sometimes by updating your OS it might be possible that they overwrote your Gmail app, including preferences. Just turn on syncing in the app again. Other possible fix is to go to Gmail’s SETTINGS, Tap INBOX SOUND & VIBRATE you will see an option as SYNC MESSAGES, tap on it and choose SYNC: LAST 30 DAYS. Then in same screen, tap on NOTIFY FOR EVERY MESSAGE (last option), just tap and tick the option as enabled.


2. Clearing Play Store Cache:

Some people had reported that they successfully managed to get synced emails by just clearing cache of Play Store. For this, go to SETTINGS in your phone, then tap on APPS, then find GOOGLE PLAY STORE, tap on it and go to STORAGE, then tap on CLEAR CACHE button. Restart your phone and use the app. Hopefully it will work.


3. Switch to Inbox App or 3rd Party Email App:

There is a possible workaround in which you will not miss any email, just switch to Inbox app by Google. It has the same similar functionality with some hot and advanced options or you can try any 3rd party email app such as Blue Mail from Play Store. It received 4.7 ratings out of 5. Many users gave positive response to this app.

So if you have any other workaround or any other fixes, so please write us in comments. We will love to hear from you.

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