Fix Unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error

Supercell’s another hit strategy game Clash Royale is one of the fastest growing game in terms of its millions of downloads, with in no time. Gameplay is simple and amazing just collect the cards of famous Clash of Clans characters and attack enemy tower, that is all set to hunt you with canons on top of it. Enjoy real time dual players all across the globe and earn chests to upgrade your existing cards and unlock more powerful characters. Team up with players and create your own ultimate deck and win challenges from strong opponents. Well beside these all goods, and if you are an Android user, sometimes an annoying message pops up with saying “Unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped” and suddenly your game stops working, but now we came here with the most authentic solution to this irritating problem, just follow the guide below.

In this guide we are going to share the solution to the annoying Unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error message as most users are facing it. The error looks pretty annoying while you were in the middle of some battle and the message pop ups. This is the not the game’s fault but it’s a system error that stops the Clash Royale process and generates the stopping message. So we have mentioned more then one method to fix the unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error on your Android device, just go ahead and follow the one that works for you.

How to fix Unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error on Android

We have mentioned three easy method for you to get rid of bothering unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error on your device.

Method 01: How to fix Unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error on Android (Soft Reboot)

The first and the most convenient way to resolve the unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error is by giving your device a software reboot. You want to know what’s the logic behind reboot? The answer is simple, giving your device a soft reboot is necessary as the Android apps and system continuously running in the background 24/7, on reboot the apps and the system take a fresh start, thus allowing the apps to synchronize the data again so it will help you to get rid of the annoying unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error on your device.

Long press the power button >> Choose reboot >> wait for the device to boot again.

Hope this method will solve the issue and Clash Royale should work smoothly or if you are still facing the issue then go ahead and follow method 02.

Method 02: How to fix unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error on Android (Clear cache and clear data)


Grab your device and unlock the lock screen, now navigate to phone’s settings menu and choose “Apps” from the list, tap to open it. (as shown above)


Once in apps menu, swipe from right to left and approach the “ALL” tab.

The “All” tab shows list of complete pre-installed system apps on your device.

Scroll down the apps until you reach the C series apps and tap on Clash Royale.

Another page will appear showing the app details and storage.


Now the final step, first tap on “Clear Cache”and then “Clear data”.

That’s it! Hope method no 2 would help you, or if the problem still exists then follow the final solution below.

Method 03: How to fix unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error on Android (Re-installing app)


Tap to open Google Play and tap on three bar at top left as shown above.


Now tap on My apps and games, choose Clash Royale among the installed apps.

Tap uninstall and give your device a reboot.

Once the reboot process is completed, now install Clash Royale again.

This process worked for many users, did the above methods helped you too? give us your feedback on how to fix unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped error on Android.

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