Enable touchscreen feature on non-touch Laptop

Droididea is here to share some wonderful tricks with you. In this article we have posted a complete tutorial to convert your non-touch laptop into touchscreen laptop, isn’t it surprising? Yes now it’s possible, you can convert every laptop into a touch screen enabled laptop with the help of amazing device called “Airbar”, follow the below guide to know how Airbar works? and how to set up the Airbar device to convert non touch laptop into touch screen controlled laptop?.

The Airbar is a wonderful invention which lets you enable the touch screen features on any new or old non touch laptop running Windows 8 or 10. Airbar is rectangular strip which can be mounted on bottom of screen and needs to be connected with laptop via USB port without any complex settings.

The Airbar works by throwing invisible light field on the complete display and when you touch any feature on Windows, it detects the distortion of the light on that specific region and make it enable for you to touch that item on Windows 7, 8 and 10. The Airbar doesn’t need extra software it’s a plug and play device just connect it via USB and it’s all set.

The Airbar is an amazing device, you can use the touch feature even if you are wearing thick work gloves or anything you have in your hand thanks to Airbar’s light sensor technology. The one down side of Airbar is that you cannot mount the it over the laptop with size exceeding 15.6 inches but if you really think your laptop size is below the described limit then what are you waiting for? You can buy the Airbar device from their official website.

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