Download Nexus 2016 ringtones and notification tones

In this article we have posted the Leak Ringtones and Notification tone from Nexus 2016 upcoming devices. You can download them from the link provided below. Nexus 2016 devices code name Marlin and Sailfish are the upcoming most anticipated devices at the moment because users are believing that Google along it’s collaboration with OEM’s for upcoming Nexus devices will have more unique features then before. Of course we can believe such thing as multiple changes in Nexus 2016 devices have already seen like wallpapers and now leaked media section.

These are the latest ringtones from the latest Nexus devices that you haven’t seen or listened before, so it’s the right time to grab the Nexus 2016 ringtones with notifications tones and set them as your desired alerts. Nexus 2016 devices will take sometime to officially show us their real face but till then you can gather leak stuff emerging from different corner so just visit the below links and download the stock leak ringtones and notification tones from Nexus 2016.

Download Nexus 2016 ringtones and notification tones

If you want to make Nexus 2016 ringtones and notification tones as system tones you need a rooted devices, however it is optional you can directly play them using your phone music player or set them as your ringtone or notification tone.

The Nexus 2016 ringtones zip contain 10 ringtones and 8 notification tones.

Give us your opinion about the Nexus 2016 ringtones and stay tune for more updates.

Download Nexus 2016 ringtones

Download Nexus 2016 notification tones

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