Download Cyanogen OS 13 ZNH0EAS2NH for WileyFox Swift [Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow]

Wileyfox Swift code name crackling is the latest budget device packed released by Wileyfox. The device is packed with powerful hardware and dual sim support with low price tag, now you would be more happy to know that Cyanogen OS 13 ZNH0EAS2NH based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is now available for WileyFox Swift. The latest firmware has brought multiple new things in it, some of the main features are Doze Mode, Now On Tap and improved security. If you are getting impatient to see the latest firmware then what are you waiting for, just go and grab the firmware for the below provided link and install it using the description mentioned below.

How to install Cyanogen OS 13 ZNH0EAS2NH Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on WileyFox Swift

Disclaimer: This guide includes flashing custom ROM on your device, it is not an official firmware but will flash the custom firmware. The writer is not responsible for any damage happens to your device during the whole operation neither we are forcing you to perform such operation.

Before you begin:

Installing custom ROM on your device needs some early preparations to be made and these preparations include;

Keep your battery charged or at least your device should contain at least 80% charge before the flashing operation.

Android USB drivers for your device should be installed on your PC, or you can download USB drivers for Wileyfox

If the PC is unable to unable to detect your device after even after installing Android USB drivers for your device, then you need to perform one more step, Enable USB debugging.

To enable USB debugging in your device go to Setting >> Developer options >> USB debugging.

Sometimes “Developer options” are not visible in device settings menu, so what you need to do is, go to Settings >> About device >> Software information and there you will see an option build number. Tap it 7 times until a pop up arises with a message that you are now a developer, that’s it now go back and the Developers option is visible in the settings menu.

Create a Backup of your complete Android device

Backup is the most necessary part for your device you need to create a Nandroid backup of your device through custom recovery. We prefer Nandroid backup over other many apps because you don’t need to download multiple backup apps for specific purpose, the Nandroid backup will let you create backup of your device including; Messages, call log, settings and calendar including whole Android OS. Click the below link to create a Nandroid backup.

How to create a Nandroid backup/restore of your Android device

You can easily restore your backup when ever you wish to do so, this is good in aspect if your device accidentally met some issue during the flashing process.

Process to install Cyanogen OS 13 ZNH0EAS2NH Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on WileyFox Swift

Download Cyanogen OS 13 ZNH0EAS2NH for WileyFox Swift

Once you successfully downloaded the ZNH0EAS2NH ROM on PC, Now connect your device to PC and move the downloaded file on the internal storage of your device. [If you downloaded it via phone then skip this step]

Its time to reboot your device into recovery Mode, to do so you can search for it or use hardware buttons combination. (If your device is rooted then its super easy, just visit Google Play and download any third party reboot app for this purpose)

Once your device successfully boots into recovery mode, select the downloaded ZNH0EAS2NH ROM .zip file and select yes

Wait for the process to complete, Once successfully done with the installation procedure simply reboot your device, please note the first boot up may take 5 to 7 minutes so be patient as things needs to be settled up for boot.

That’s it! Congratulation your Wileyfox Swift is now updated to Cyanogen OS 13 ZNH0EAS2NH Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow firmware. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Google+.

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